Creating dreams with you

Tell us your idea, tell us what you need and we will do everything possible and impossible to make your dream come true.

com-à-porter began its journey back in 2008. From the first moment, we wanted to represent the company with the symbol of a wave, hence the wavy icon and the color blue.

The etymological origin of the name com-à-porter is Gallic, the result of uniting the slang of communication and the well-known expression prêt-à-porter; in short, tailor-made communication.

The super team

Professionals, serious and with a great desire to work. With this combination of features, only masterpieces can come out.

Textura marrón
Bárbara Vázquez


Vázquez. Design

She has a degree in Journalism and a graphic designer by profession; vocation, communicator. She has to her credit a chunk of years of professional experience (the age of a woman should not be mentioned but we are talking about more than two decades now…), so she can boast of having the gift of agile communication, both verbally and in writing, and great doses of creativity, style and harmony. In short: she is the one who designs and with sublime style. Ask him what you want. What you need, too.

José María Vázquez

José María

Vázquez. Technology

An engineer by education and training, he is passionate about screens, keys, codes, mathematics and hieroglyphs; has a sickly obsessive-compulsive syndrome for detail and a job well done.

Whoever works or collaborates with him is pleasantly surprised: he is fast, effective and provides first-rate technological solutions. Test him, we risk our neck you will repeat.

Textura verde
Elena Carrasco


Carrasco. International

Officially Diploma in Business Management and Tourist Activities. And although she admits that she loves everything related to the world of travel (especially going on vacation), she must confess off-the-record that her true passion is languages. Educated from her early childhood in a «guiri» school with teachers godfathers of Frau Merkel, she has spent most of her life working daily in German and English, in addition to Spanish. And it is not for being a cheat too much, but she also controls some French and Italian.

Do you need help to attract international customers? ¡Tranquilo, no pasa nada! Non ti preoccupare! À votre disposition! Wir machen den Unterschied.

Chica. Jefa de Seguridad / Machaca


Security. Bodyguard

She comes from a legendary breed of murderous and ruthless wolfhounds. She takes care of safety issues, and in her spare time, she loves to make the croquette wherever she can.

Her lethal gaze, and above all, her professionalism, make her a true killing machine. On this occasion, please pay attention to the sign: «Beware of the pooch.»