The art of layout seeks the organization in a specific space of written and visual content in media such as books, magazines or newspapers. It is the perfect harmony of texts and images for editing on paper or in digital format.

It’s very hard to us when we see the errors that can be found with some frequency in all writings: pages that appear poorly constructed, with orphan and widowed lines, excessively tight or open paragraphs to force an improvised adjustment, incorrect partitions of words at the end of a line, inappropriate fonts, lack of design and minimal aesthetics, for example.

There are so many that it is better not to continue than to get angry.

At Com-à-porter we will give your pages that appropriate shape, optimizing formats and resources in order to achieve results that invite reading.

We do/model any type of text (books, magazines, theses, scripts, reports, essays, etc.), whatever its characteristics.

Wonderful. I really need this.