Word Processing.

Writing texts

Whatever the text, we convert the ideas you have and want to develop into words. If what you need is to modify a text or give it a few last brushstrokes to achieve perfection in the transmission of what you want, contact us. From a draft or an almost finished text, we will be able to rewrite and give the exact form of what you want to express, as well as help you orient the text towards the public you want to address with your project.

At Com-à-porter we offer ourselves to write any type of text: content for web pages, training courses, corporate reports, biographies, novels, resumes, etc.

Review and correction of texts

Com-à-porter’s work team has years of experience in proofreading and style, grammar, syntax and spelling. Supervision method aimed at ensuring spelling and typographical correctness in a piece of writing, but also its grammaticality in a broad sense.

It is about detecting and correcting or correcting errors in the application of the rule of the written language: spelling errors (punctuation, omitted or unnecessary accents), incorrect morphosyntax, semantic inconsistencies, lack of precision, etc.


We mainly translate texts: from French, English and German into Spanish and from Spanish into all these languages.

Com-à-porter has an extensive network of well-trained collaborators (sworn translators), bilingual and native, who translate into all other languages.

Content creation

Although an image is worth a thousand words, the text is fundamental, especially in the network of networks, since the King of search engines Google what most values ​​(indexes) is the textual content. There are companies, media and even individuals who need informative content. The best example could be blogs. Lack of time, ignorance of certain subjects or the search for a more professional product drives the need to put oneself in the hands of someone who can provide adequate content.

Even if what you are looking for is to improve the positioning of your website or your blog in the most important search engines, you should know that what is most valued is the content.

You must bear in mind that it will be essential to arouse the interest of the reader, be original, demonstrate that the subject matter is adequately known, present a text with good spelling and semantics and periodically update the contents. Constant updating will attract more visits and therefore the chances of getting more customers will increase. However, this content creation is a medium and long-term strategy that requires a lot of perseverance and patience, but if it is done properly, it will revert to a future benefit.

Reports of reading and revision of originals

To be sure of the real viability of a text, a previous analysis of it is essential. That way you can decide whether or not to publish it.

Com-à-porter will evaluate the work before it is published, both from a global point of view (and outside the genesis of the project), and from a more specific one, focusing on language, vocabulary, theme, spelling, syntax or grammar. We will advise you and help you reason your decision.

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